About BobaBoard

BobaBoard is a highly-experimental social media software platform, focused on the needs of transformative fandom.

Spearheaded and developed by Ms. Boba—a self-defined "chaotic-ethical" Software Engineer/Entrepreneur, with an ADHD-led hyperfixation for creating better online communities—BobaBoard has been in development since mid-2020, and in closed alpha since 6/9/2020.

On 6/9/2021, BobaBoard announced its next expansion: Realms. Signups are currently invite-only.

About This Journal Newsletter

The Not-So-Secret goal of this Not-So-Secret Journal Newsletter is to force Ms. Boba to chronicle the inner workings of BobaBoard, and to write down her research into online community spaces for fandom and beyond. This will help BobaBoard thrive by gathering feedback from interested stakeholders earlier in the development process, and by enabling those who know better than Ms. Boba to raise objections and expand her thinking.

Oh, right. Raising funds to support development and let Ms. Boba have weekends again is also a nice side-effect.


Is this the same as the BobaBoard Newsletter?

No. The BobaBoard Newsletter (available on www.bobaboard.com) is a high level overview of the future of BobaBoard. This is a deep dive on a variety of related (and unrelated topics).

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Hell yeah, membership time!

Can I contribute a different amount?

Unfortunately, that is not automatically possible at this time. Reach out at ms.boba@bobaboard.com, and I might be able to set up something for you!

Can I pay through PayPal?

Please subscribe to the free edition of the newsletter to be notified when PayPal becomes available. Alternatively, write me at ms.boba@bobaboard.com, and I might be able to set up something for you!

Tired of outdated memes and questionable humor? Never fear! You can still contribute to BobaBoard's development while opting out of the newsletter itself*. The content will always be here waiting to be read at your own leisure.

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