Hello, I'm Ms Boba and I grew up on the Internet!

Since I was gifted my first computer in the early 00s, the internet has given me an important place of self-expression, connection, and growth. What started as skipping school to program websites, eventually became a full-fledged software engineering degree, and a cushy job at a famous company.

When the Tumblr porn ban hit it was a hard wake up call: far from still being a place of joy and discovery—one where a weird, neurodivergent kid could learn to thrive—the web was slowly being stripped of its soul and potential. The big-tech promise "to change the world and make the web better" that I had moved across the world for had been an empty lie.

After quitting my job, I've started learning marketing and entrepreneurship to help build sustainable projects and communities. Among many things, I've launched an experimental social network for fandom, a community to improve tech-literacy and programming skills in fandom by connecting established and aspiring programmers, and bought the shrines.club domain—the next step in my journey to fix the web.

Help me fix the web!

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